A Meditation Journey…

A Peak Between My Two Ears

I’m back.

So I’ve been gone for too long. When I initially thought about blogging I truly thought it was going to be easy, blogging itself is not difficult but the habit of writing every day is a challenge for me. I’m not going to lie, it’s been so long since last time I wrote that I had to look up my last post to somehow remind myself where I was.

Anyway, done with my rant. Let’s move on.

By the way, in the name of creating good karma I want to mention¬†Towing Services Durham, I happened to get stuck with a flat tire on my way back home and they were the only ones who answered the phone at 11pm, so kudos to them, I’m beyond grateful.

I always finding interesting when religious holidays are around the corner like Christmas for example. People tend to assume that I’m just a party popper for not celebrating it or just plain mean. The truth lies in between those two.

This Christmas I went to see a friend of mine in Charlotte, she’s very flexible when it comes to being inclusive and so even though I’m not big on religious holidays, for the main reason that I just cannot understand why people celebrate them. Do Christians know that Christmas is actually a Pagan holiday? I doubt it. Most people just get caught up “Christmas spirit” which is nothing more than buying presents mindlessly, go figure. Even for their religious, there’s no Jesus anywhere. Double go figure.

Back to Christmas, I spend the holidays with my friend and after everybody was gone we engaged in a very interesting conversation about religion. So she’s a devoted Christian, which is fine by me. The thing I like about her is that she’s the perfect example of how one can me religious and still keep their logic and common sense. During our talk, which ¬†was very friendly by the way, she admitted that a lot of what the church does doesn’t make sense but most people do it anyway.

When she says the church she’s not talking about her actual church where she goes on Sundays but the Roman Catholic Church as an religious institution. We did a short meditation sessions mostly to clear our head and the went to bed. I wish I could have more ex-changes like this with my other religious friends. Anyway, we stayed there for a few weeks (part of the reason I did not blog, I was distracted).

I eventually made it home (after some issues with a flat tire which wasn’t nice but someone came to my rescue -see above).