A Meditation Journey…

A Peak Between My Two Ears

A little bit about me

So my original religious background is Christianity. In fact my father was a preacher or a pastor, not really sure what the difference is if there’s any. My mom was the “official” pianist of the church I grew up in.

Some people might think that I must have had a bad experience with my church and that’s why I decided to “abandon” and “rebel” against my faith however, that’s not the case at all. I had a pretty much a normal childhood, almost to the point of boredom.

Both working parents during the week (dad worked in religious affairs of course but to me that was his job, as he had a salary etc) and then church on Sundays, the usual. Of course I never wanted to go to church but that had more to do with the fact that I wanted to stay in bed more than me not wanting to go to church.

Bed was cozy.

However, as I started growing up I started questioning everything (oh I bet you saw that coming) and without going too much in details I saw things in my church (and in other churches as we often visited other places) that left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

So old(er) I grew and so did my questioning and I became highly critical of the church and its practices and the people that went to church and the teaching and the bible. Soon enough I had a long list of why society didn’t need to go to church, that the social issues we see today are not because of a lack of God in people’s lives. I started comparing more advanced cultures like Japan and how the US remains the only developed country that places a high emphasis in religion.

I also thought at the time (and I still do) how hypocritical is to blame others for your own decisions, something I saw way too often while growing up.

I came to the conclusion that the church exists to execute control over its followers, and not just the Christian church but more religions out there. It’s all about control, and very little to do with G*d.