A Meditation Journey…

A Peak Between My Two Ears

A little more about me

Ok, I admit that I never thought I would give meditation a try. I never crossed my mind, until recently.

So in my last post I talked about how I grew more and more uncomfortable with my church and religion in general. Fast forward a few years and I’m completely an atheist. Not only I do not believe in the church, I also don’t believe in God. At the risk of sounding too new agey I’m going to say that I do believe in a higher power, a power that created everything, even the Universe.

The main difference between my higher power and the Christian god is that my power is not vengeful and he or she does not micromanage people’s lives. This power is too busy running the powers of the world and the Universe to pay attention to you and your little life.

Which brings me to my next point, individual responsibility.

Yes, what the church doesn’t teach. You must rely on your common sense and values to make the right decisions, there’s no god out there ready to punish you if you do wrong, I mean most of us are not three. And if you behave like you’re three and you think you need a god to tell you right from wrong you probably shouldn’t be unsupervised in public.

So I don’t mean to bore you with all my story but I think it’s important to give a good background on how I embraced something as mystic as meditation.