A Meditation Journey…

A Peak Between My Two Ears

Lobsang Rampa

At some point I met Adam (oh the irony!). We were buddies that met under strange circumstances, after he moved to Europe we kept in touch through Facebook (hey I never said my story was conventional). After a long time of just messaging each other the religious subject came up and we exchanged our views on many things (we also discussed politics, social issues, etc).

Anyway, the point is that Adam recommended a few books, his name was Lobsang Rampa, and his books were fascinating. I think I read about ten of his books, I just couldn’t put them down. I would go to my local library just to check out his books. It opened a new world to me, I started thinking about things that I had never thought about it before. It was such an eye opener.


This Earth is just a speck of dust existing for the twinkle of an eye in what is real time.

-Lobsang Rampa


But this doesn’t mean I was sold to it, far from it. I think I read those books more out of curiosity than anything else. Coming from strong religious background where secular books were banned (unless they were text books) and where I saw a lot of mumbo jumbo, I was highly skeptical but at least this made some sense. This was not about an outside god that was always reprimanding little people but more about getting to know who you truly are but understanding your own human behavior above anything.

Year later I visited India (not for religious reasons) and it all made sense. I wanted to know the real me, I’m not talking about reincarnation or past lives but the real soul taking residence in this physical body. That’s how more or less I became to explore meditation. It’s been six years already since I meditated for the first time (or at least tried) and well over fifteen years since I had those conversations with Adam and read my first book of Lobsang Rampa.