A Meditation Journey…

A Peak Between My Two Ears

Start Where You Are… said Pema Chodron

Go to places that scare you” -Pema Chodron


As time went by I became to identify myself more and more with Eastern traditions, more precisely Buddhism. I’m not sure if it was all those books I read about Lobsang Rampa or me just living in Asia or maybe a combination of both but that’s what happened. We think of meditation as something simple and it is but once we’re set to start our practice mind gets in the way and things start getting complicated.

Again, meditation is not complicated, we just make it that way. Adam used to say to me, “meditation is so easy it’s nearly impossible”.

When I first started meditating I couldn’t because I needed  a Zafu, and so I bought one, I still have it but I don’t use it anymore. Once I got the zafu, I felt I couldn’t meditate until I had incense, my friend at the time was visiting Tibet, she bought me some delicious Potala incense. She obviously didn’t ask me to wait for her but I did, I waited another two weeks before starting my practice because something as serious as meditation require one to have all the material available, or so I thought.

Then it was time to get the incense holders and Tibetan chants and the yoga mat and the tea light candles. I also got prayer flags, a yoga cork brick, two yoga cork bricks, suddenly I needed a cotton strap too, and books, lots of books. You get the point, and the point is that I spent a small fortune and even worse wasted a lot of precious time to get started. That’s why Pema says, “start where you are” and that’s pretty much it. You don’t need anything else. It’s a mental trap, the mind would do anything to avoid self discipline.

So at some point and I after I had collected a mini market, I finally got started. And that was a scary place.